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Coronavirus epicenter Wuhan China preparing to lift lockdown and partly open trains and stores

Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, as Ground Zero for what became the global coronavirus pandemic partly reopened on Saturday (March 28) after more than two months of almost total isolation. The city has paid a heavy price for the outbreak, with more than 50,000 people infected and more COVID-19 deaths than any other city in China. The lockdown in Wuhan has halted the spread of coronavirus, and numbers have fallen dramatically in recent weeks.

Now the travel restriction has been eased, and the first officially sanctioned passenger train arrived back into the city on March 28. Passengers wearing face masks ride a subway train on the first day the city’s subway services resumed. People are now allowed to enter the city but not leave. The fully opening date is still to be announced.

Some shopping malls also reopened to the public, while only limited stores are allowed to open. Cinemas, gyms, bars etc. are still remain closed.

Citizens in Wuhan have been waiting for this for so long.

China discriminating foreigners after most new COVID-19 cases are brought by inbound travelers

When Covid-19 outbreaks initially started in China, it has led to some racist attacks on Chinese people (and other Asians) around the world. Recently the spread of Covid-19 is picking up speed in Europe, the United States and other regions, the outbreaks in China seem to be under control. China reported only a few cases every day and most are imported cases (inbound travelers from overseas). Now there are more and more restaurants and stores reopening to the public, but foreigners in China found that they are not allowed to enter some places just because they are not Chinese.

One guy posted online that he was discriminated by Chinese people as he is a foreigner: People around him tried to keep distance from him in the metro

People are queuing up around the world amid Coronavirus outbreak

This video shows the different reasons why people queue up around the world amid Coronavirus outbreak.

People were queuing up for miles to buy masks in Daegu, which is the epicenter in South Korea.
Dutch people were queuing up to stock up on weed before a nationwide shut down
Panicked shoppers were queuing up outside a toilet paper factory in Melbourne, Australia.
People line up to buy guns all over the US.

The Coronavirus outbreak is almost under control in some of the Chinese cities, then what will they queue up for? Video starts from 0:55.