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Fruit and Vegetable London

A photographer Carl Warner and his team has recreated London’s iconic skyline using 26 different types of fruit and vegetables, for example, the Houses of Parliament.   (From: link

These are the excellent works:

London's Tower Bridge made from runner beans, celery, pineapple and Shredded Wheat

The London Eye made from radishes, runner bean, rhubarb and a lemon

London's skyline has been recreated using fruit and veg as part of a promotional campaign


“There’s no difference between juggling tofu and juggling balls”

“A viral video in China of a middle-aged woman who sells tofu in a market. She juggles a block of tofu like a football (soccer ball) and performs other tricks, amazing bystanders. In the end, the video reveals itself to be a viral advertisement.” (From YouTube)