Wuhan transported food to quarantined residents with garbage truck

On March 11, some pictures and videos went viral on Chinese social media platforms



Meat and other food supplies for residents of Wuhan were transported by garbage trucks. The pork in plastics bags were dumped to the ground by the garbage truck.

Since January 23, Wuhan has been on lockdown for over one and a half months. Recently the officials have set an even more strict rule that residents are not allowed to go out of their compounds. People of Wuhan have to make bulk orders for food and other necessities.


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These orders are supposed to be distributed by the government and sold to people with lower fair prices, while these batches of food (meat & vegetables) have been transported by garbage trucks



Many people commented on Chinese Twitter (Weibo) and were deeply disappointed by it. They asked: “Will the officials from local government eat this pork?”



The resident who picked up the pork said “it stinks”



The community staff claimed that the garbage trucks have been washed and disinfected and that there is a shortage of trucks


People are arguing with community staffs



(from 1:02)

Community Staff: You should give us the chance to correct this mistake
(of using garbage trucks)

Resident: I can give you another chance (to correct the mistakes),
But who will give me a chance to stay alive?
(insinuating that they might have been poisoned)

Resident: Why did you decide to use garbage trucks for food?

Community Staff: That was not our call

Resident: So who decided it then?

(No response)

The community posted an apology letter later that night, that they transported 1000 bags of pork which 530 ones have been delivered. They will recall all the pork that has been delivered and will send the same quantity of new pork again tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the local government has announced that two officials from the district were fired and further investigation will be conducted. The deputy district mayor will also be reviewed by the local government.


Video online shows angry people fighting with community staffs


People have been uploading more cases of transporting food with garbage trucks, garbage bins and other unsanitized carts on the internet. Obviously, these are not food-grade containers and probably will cause food safety issues. Yet the local government has not released any response regarding these other cases.



Someone even posted online that he was transported back home after quarantine with a garbage truck modified to look like a bus.

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